Over the years, we have had multiple products and games, as well as podcasts (outside of our own NinDads Family of Podcasts), that we would highly recommend to anyone who asks. This page shares the NintendoDads favorites: go-to items and podcasts. 

For the items we recommend, we are not endorsed by these companies; however, the Amazon links we use do give us some kick-back for recommending an item through their service. For the podcasts we recommend, these are simply the ones we listen to, are not in any special order, and DO NOT include our own family of podcasts like Dads After Dark Show, Gamepass News, or RetroLogic.

If we do get something from a company, we will be sure to call it out; in the meantime, check out each of the NintendoDads' recommendations below. 

Clicking/tapping on an item will take you to the Amazon page for more details (or in some cases, direct to another site with no kick-back (unless otherwise specified)). Clicking on a Podcast will take you to Spotify's player; however, please feel free to add them to your favorite podcasting app.