Over the years, we have had multiple products and games, as well as podcasts (outside of our own NinDads Family of Podcasts), that we would highly recommend to anyone who asks. This page shares the NintendoDads favorites: go-to items and podcasts. 

For the items we recommend, we are not endorsed by these companies; however, the Amazon links we use do give us some kick-back for recommending an item through their service. For the podcasts we recommend, these are simply the ones we listen to, are not in any special order, and DO NOT include our own family of podcasts like Dads After Dark Show, Gamepass News, or RetroLogic.

If we do get something from a company, we will be sure to call it out; in the meantime, check out each of the NintendoDads' recommendations below. 

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Every Switch needs an SD Card and the more space you have, the better - but any size will do. Jesse recommends SanDisk.

Store games in this waterproof, Younik 16 Game Card Storage Box. WHAT's IN THE BOX?!

This is actually a favorite of Marty's too (his is black). The 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Gamepad. Not only does it work with your Switch, but it will work with other devices too!

Although he hasn't tried it himself (yet); Jesse is very interested in this - a VR Headset for the Nintendo Switch. Let him know what you think of it if you get one also.

If you are online a lot, have an OG Switch, and you are into Multiplayer games, Jesse highly recommends using the HORI Wired Internet LAN Adapter for the Nintendo Switch, rather than your WiFi, to get the best internet experience.

In the PODCAST rotation...

Justin's new favorite wireless headphones, the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Headset for not only the Nintendo Switch but multiple systems. Check out his review! Thanks to SteelSeries for sending it his way to check 'em out!

Work out! Get Swoll! Play Ring Fit Adventure on the Nintendo Switch! Justin is working on that DadBod for next year's DadBod Calendar with the Mega Dads. 

In the PODCAST rotation...

Skull & Co have two grips you can use with your Nintendo Switch OG/Switch OLED - the GripCase or the NeoGrip Case. Both are awesome but Tim prefers his NeoGrip Case. Both were personal purchases, both used, and one stood out for him. No affiliate link here; this is a link straight to the source, if interested. 

When you see Tim in a Let's Play or First Look video/stream, more than likely, he is using his favorite Pro Controller, the Power A Fusion Pro Wireless Controller for the Nintendo Switch. Ask him about it sometime - I'll love the attention. ;)

Tim likes to joke with Justin that Tim has the best SteelSeries headset. You be the judge! This set is the SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth and Wired Headset - you can simultaneously connect to a device that has Bluetooth (like a phone or tablet) while also being wired to your Nintendo Switch or computer. Great for chatting while doing some online gaming!

Tim has been enjoying his time with this free-to-play game on the Nintendo Switch, Asphalt 9. Yes, it's the same game you may have seen on your mobile device, but he says it is 100-times better with a controller! We think he is addicted. 

In the PODCAST rotation...

Marty swears by Satifye's Grip for the Nintendo Switch because of its ergonomics and the company recently releases their PRO model, as well as one for the Switch Lite.

Marty's favorite game and top recommended game for the Switch is Enter the Gungeon - a bullet-hell, Twin Stick Shooter, dungeon crawler. But ask Marty what he thinks about it some time; we are sure after talking with him, you'll pick it up. 

Also available physically.

There are a lot of cases from a lot of companies that you can choose from. Marty chose a case from ButterFly and they come in multiple sizes, colors, and configurations - even more than what is displayed above. Check out the Extra Large case at the link below to start with.  

If you are going to go with something other than the Official Nintendo Switch Dock, then how about the Genki Covert Dock. One of Marty's favorite accessories.

In the PODCAST rotation...