Keep the line moving! Chaotically assemble the most efficient conveyor belts to keep the goods flowing out of the factory! Use various tools and equipment to overcome the ever-increasing challenges and goods the factory throws at you. Best played in 2-player couch coop but also supports single-player.

Hootz, from Backlog Busters, take a first look at Saviorless, a stylish dark fantasy action-platform game with beautiful hand-drawn art and animation, featuring two distinctive main characters on their quest to escape from a cursed land known as the Smiling Islands.

Inkulinati is a charming hand-drawn roguelike that takes a chess-like approach to moves and strategy. Big thanks to Daedalic Entertainment for providing us access to Inkulinati, out now on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Tim checks out the first 25 minutes of The Cub on the Nintendo Switch - a game inspired by the old-school Disney platformers of 90s, like The Jungle Book, Aladdin, and The Lion King, with a modern twist.