NinDads Family of Podcasts

You like Nintendo stuff? Us too! We are just a group of dads, with guests, that have grown up playing Nintendo games and are now raising our own little gamer's. We provide reviews, unboxing, commentary and a weekly podcast. Enjoy.

John and Drew chat about everything video games (Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation), TV, movies, sex, lawn care and whatever else they'd like.

They talk Nintendo Switch and gaming but also cover the topics that the family-friendly Nintendo podcasts can't talk about. They're never afraid of some straight-up, honest chat.

And last but not least, the Retro Logic Family of Podcasts, such as the above show, Retro Logic, where Dan, John and Sam chat about current retro gaming news, reviews, collecting, and more!

Followed by Retro Groove for the music lovers, On Topic Retro for specific retro games, and Film Logic for the tv and movie fans (see below)!

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